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The Trust is currently trying to raise the money required to purchase the site and develop it. If you would like to help the Trust by making a donation, you can do so in the ways mentioned below.

Give what you can - just a few pounds can make a big difference!


Please make your cheque payable to the National Civilian WW2 Memorial Trust and post it to the Secretary of the Trust:

Alan Canvess, 68 Kirkham Drive, KINGSTON UPON HULL, HU5 2BT







To donate by PayPal simply log in to your account and click on the 'send money' tab at the top. Enter our email address ( in the 'To' box and the amount you wish to give. Click on the 'personal' tab and choose either gift or other. Click continue to confirm and the money will be on its way to us.


If you would like to give a bit more:

In honour of the audience of the 18th March 1941, we are looking for 150 people to 'book a seat'.

£30 for the stalls and £100 for the circle will get you a special certificate.


Circle (£100):

Paul Ashton (Kingston upon Hull)

Mike Bisby (Kingston upon Hull)

Alan Brooks (London)

R P Houlton (Kingston upon Hull)

Tom Houlton (Kingston upon Hull)

Lynne & Eric Hope (Swanland) x 5 -- in memory of Richard Robert Hope M.M.

Hull Civic Society (Kingston upon Hull)

P Mawer (Kingston upon Hull)

J Mawer (Kingston upon Hull)

Sylvia Philpott (Kingston Upon Hull)

Alan Plater & Shirley Rubenstein (London)

Steve Purdie (Kingston upon Hull)

Gordon Scott (Kingston Upon Hull)

Jeanie Sutherland (Dalginross & Comrie)


Stalls (£30):

David & Tristan Alexander (Kingston upon Hull)

E Bateman (Kingston upon Hull)

Eric Brady (Kingston upon Hull) in memory of Rachel Brady, his late mother

G Carmichael (Beverley) - plus extra £20

Dr. Gilly Carr (Cambridge)

John Duckworth (Nether Wallop)

Humphrey Forrest (Kingston upon Hull)

J French (Barton on Humber)

C Gledhill (Switzerland) - plus extra £10

Norah Hanson (Kingston upon Hull)

Ken Hartford (Beverley) - plus extra £5

Jean Hill (Hedon)

Andrew Hornsby (Grimsby)

Mike & Ann Holstock (Kingston upon Hull)

The Insurance Partnersip (Kingston upon Hull)

Marquis Of Anglesy - 2 seats, plus extra £5

P Priestley Leech (Swanland)

Shirley Loughlin (Kingston upon Hull)

Annika Nickson (Kingston upon Hull)

Chris Robertson (Kingston upon Hull)

Tom Robinson (Kingston upon Hull)

R Sandem (Kingston upon Hull)

Sand Hutton C of E Primary School (York)

Mike Scrimshaw (Kingston upon Hull) - 2 seats

Marita Staite (Richmond)

Ken Steadman (Sutton on Hull)

H Stephenson (Kingston upon Hull)


Donations of between £10 and £25:

C Barley

Andrew Cunningham (Nottingham)

N Friston (Hessle)

John Gritten (London)

Habergham Williamson PR Limited (Kingston upon Hull)

Ivor Hurst (Bridlington)

David & Margaret Litten (Kingston upon Hull)

Peter Mason (Kingston upon Hull)

Cliff Ottaway (Cottingham)

R Pickering (Llandudno) 

Graham Slater (Willerby)

Barbara Wilson (Kingston upon Hull)