Bishop Burton College

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In 2011, 2012, and 2013, the Trustees were invited to attend a presentation at the Bishop Burton College of students projects related to the National Picture Theatre site.

In 2013 presentations were made by the following 10 students:

1)  Kathryn Denman – Spatial interventions and graphic identity

2)  Charlotte Corney – Educational Visit Resources for schools and groups

3)  Elizabeth Cross – Architectural Intervention

4)  Lawrence Stratton – Architectural Model of existing building

5)  Laura Whitehead – Architectural Intervention

6)  Kayleigh Goulding – Public Art Installation

7)  Eleanor Hobson – Interactive exhibition design

8)  Sophie Young – Architectural Intervention

9)  Danielle Brown – Concept idea for exhibition to be housed in Sophie Young’s Architectural Intervention

10)  Patrick Cosby – Graphics, multimedia and web site design

As in the previous two years, the work that all of the students had done was excellent, and we will certainly be looking at trying to use some of their ideas, or variations of them, in the future. We are hoping to invite them to display their projects at a future event, probably in late 2015 or early 2016, so that the general public can enjoy them.