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Welcome to the website of the National Civillian WW2 Memorial Trust (NCWW2MT)

The aim of the Trust is to develop the former National Picture Theatre, Beverley Road, Kingston upon Hull into a Tribute to those that served on the Home Front during WW2; a Memorial to the 1200 people that were killed in the City during the Blitz, and provide an Educational and Community facility. 

We would like to do this by stabilising and repairing the ruins in the front section, by including an events / memorial area in the middle section, and by building an educational facility in the rear section. When not in use by the Trust the education facility could be used by the local community for meetings etc.

The Beverley Road area and the city as a whole will then benefit. It would make a major contribution to the local community, education for children and adults, and tourism. The National Picture Theatre, with its national and international significance, is a unique and distinctive survival, and has the potential to draw visitors from the region, the UK and abroad. 

The National Picture Theatre is a focus for the city's wartime memories and for the remembrance of those who served on the Home Front.  People and communities matter, and the Council have taken the strong feeling of people living in the city in to consideration. We should never forget that it was the courage and bravery of the previous generation of our city and nation that stood together against tyranny, death and destruction to allow us the freedom to speak out.  We have used this freedom to convince the council to acknowledge the value of this building which, more than any other stands as a unique and powerful reminder and symbol of Kingston upon Hull's extraordinary fortitude during the war.


How You Can Help

Please consider becoming a member of the Trust and/or making a donation. For information on how you can join the Trust or make a donation, please click on 'Membership' and/or 'Donations' in the LH menu.   



For the current situation on the Trust's project, please click on 'Latest News' in the LH menu.



This website was established on Saturday 22nd August 2009.

It was last updated on Saturday 7th February 2015.


Alan Canvess